Painted Totem

Here’s a series of photography that I revisited… to paint. Totem is a series that I created few years ago, and here you can see the original work. Meanwhile you can take a… Continue reading

2 Portraits.

I know, I’ve been out for long time, as I just realised that my last post here was about a year ago. I’ve been quite busy, and I also have a parallel blog… Continue reading

On Consciousness is out!

“Gonzalo Bénard’s work offers an antidote to materialist ideology”, Graham Hancock

Space Within, an Art Performance

During the preparations of the exhibition Space Within at Walnut Contemporary Gallery, in Toronto, I was challenged to do an art-performance. And I accepted it as it was: a art-challenge. It would be… Continue reading

Space Within Walnut Contemporary Gallery: the opening

It was a great experience and the team couldn’t be more professional and kind. From the Gallery team to the artists represented there, to the Toronto city and its people. The Space Within at… Continue reading

Squared Void, a Butoh Dance performance

Void’s Awakening, First Dance (6 photographs) Still of Consciousness, the Silent Balance (1 photograph) Awareness Climbing, A Last Dance (6 photographs) follow on Instagram for more!     more on shamanic practices: MPower the Shaman… Continue reading

Space Within

Space Within is the title of the exhibition at Walnut Contemporary Gallery, for the ScotiaBank Contact Photography Festival in Toronto, Canada.

B Shot by a Stranger. Yes, Still!

The series “B Shot by a Stranger” became a mission, apart from the project itself.
I keep working on it after 5 years, new loners, who volunteer to share with us their private and intimate moments of solitude.

Skin and Stones

Skin and Stones is an ongoing series following meditation on these two elements’ textures, shapes and energy. The Stones which were charged and shaped day and night by the winds and waves, under the… Continue reading

Ren Hang: In Addition To Sleep (NSFW)

Originally posted on G.Bénard:
In Addition To Sleep Ren Hang at Vasli Souza Gallery “With an intense clarity of colour and uncompromising curiosity for both men’s and women’s physical realm captures…

your PortfolioBox

why very simple… I just opened a gallery there with a text, photographs and videos, and it took me less than 7 mins to do it all. Then I moved on for a… Continue reading

Shot by a Stranger

Originally posted on On Art and Aesthetics:
Google “millennials” and “loneliness” and you will find a flood of articles. Our generation is rich in virtual connections, poor in concrete companionship. Since 2011, French-Spanish…

B Shot by a Stranger 2016 (NSFW)

New photographs: B Shot by a Stranger 2016 (NSFW)

April Newsletter from GBenard

Just to send you a quick note on the news…

Still Under Meditation: The Performance

Still under trance, I stood up and placed them on the floor. The body got naked on its own skin finding its place among the

The Sacred Book, 1st anniversary w/ Prize!

celebrating the 1st anniversary of the launch of The Sacred Book of G… doing a very special edition for you: a book with an original photograph!

Meditation on Stones, A Body.

I once tried to force a Japanese brush to paint the way I wanted: in perfect controlled lines. And the brush told me: “Allow me to flow and I’ll reward you. Do not… Continue reading

Marc Lagrange. Homage.

“Filled with longing and sensuality, Marc Lagrange’s photographs celebrate fantasies and desire—placing beauty and dreams at the center of his world.”

Chez Moi

I am here to thank you all for being around along this year and to wish you wonderful holidays and an amazing 2016!

And because life doesn’t stop, here’s some new photos from this week…

B Shot by a Stranger!

Loneliness exists all over the world, no matter which culture, faith, race or gender. And if you’re a young screenager you know that.

The Shared Intimacy of Manuel Esthaem

Esthaem seems to have inherited some lost stardust of Schiele and Woodman’s souls, and for our goodness he expresses and shares his photographic work with the world.

Art Photography Collection / Sacred Nudes

I’m purchasing art-photographs for an important private art collection in Europe.
They are now searching for male nudes representing:

on Reviews, Comments and Publishing

How to get and give reviews on published work.

IDENTITY, by Giovanni di Mola

Giovanni di Mola is releasing his art/photo book IDENTITY!

The Painted Horn: visiting a rock art site in Somalia

Originally posted on British Museum blog:
Jorge de Torres, Project Cataloguer, African Rock Art Image Project, British Museum Painted image of long-horned cow with human figure underneath, Laas Geel, Somalia. (Photograph © TARA/David…

The sun is shining but you wouldn’t believe what comes next!

It’s the most radical experience I had. This morning.

Breaking News! Win 2 Prizes!… (UpDated!)

UPDATE: the winner is from Belgium! And this is the photo he chose: so let’s go again for August! Just follow the instructions: – I’m giving away one of these P/A during this month… Continue reading

The Rainbow FlagS and their history

Before it was used by gay pride, the rainbow flag was already a symbol of hope, peace, pride, lost cultures and minorities. And that’s the reason why it was chosen to be the flag to represent gay pride as well. Here you have some examples.

Celebrating Marriage Equality in US, with photographs!

Today, June 26th the supreme court in US declared Marriage as a Human Right. Finally: “In a long-sought victory for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court of United States of America ruled today that the… Continue reading

news from B Shot by a Stranger 2015

The “B Shot by a Stranger” is celebrating its 4th year! And here are some news!

An interview by Richard Whelan

At the end of 2014, Richard Whelan interviewed Gonzalo Bénard about “The Sacred Book of G” and how autism influenced his life. The interview got lost and ended up not being published. Until now.

She Who Tells a Story

“She Who Tells a Story“: Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg/USA – from May 30th to September 28th 2015. “The images in She Who Tells a… Continue reading

I, Energy – on collective consciousness and old shamanism

How much are we disconnected from the reality as it is? Old shamanic wisdom is only now being proven and backed by scientists and physicians. Is that what we need to feel safer and start understanding the meaning of life?

A brief Review on Criticism

A positive critic, or review, should be objective and rational. It must have a positive tone on their words, so the creator can go forward and learn from their own mistakes.

Happiness as a Mind Concept

Happiness is/as a Mind Concept

Private or College: Lectures, Shootings and Reviews

As you know I’ve been giving lectures to both private photographers and colleges /universities, mostly on what it’s not usually taught in photographic courses: art concept, composition, brain reading, shadows, interestingness and aesthetics.… Continue reading

The earthquake in Kathmandu 2015

Originally posted on Freeing My Mind:
Mahesh Acharya had just finished speaking about the contentious constitutional issues. It was now turn to talk about the upcoming national convention of his party the Nepali…

on Books! The Olds and the News

I’m finally working on the B Shot by a Stranger book! 2 years ago I published a book with this series of photography, a sociological approach on loneliness in youth. But this grew… Continue reading

I Am Not Mr. Spock (NSFW)

I Am Spock Mr. Spock made part of my childhood; even though I was not born yet when Star Trek came up, it was the first time that a TV series engaged me… Continue reading

Ba-ra-kei: Ordeal by Roses, by Eikoh Hosoe

SAGE Paris presents from January 2nd to March 28th 2015 a body of vintage prints of Ordeal by Roses by Eikoh Hosoe. This series is the result of a unique collaboration between Eikoh Hosoe, one of the… Continue reading

Out of the Blues XII

Here you have some Lost and Found Photographs that caught my eye in these last weeks. But first of all: Congrats to Mads Nissen, winner of the World Press Photo 2014 with this intimate… Continue reading

12 Witches in Gambaga Camp

The Old Ladies of Gambaga (Gambaga Witches Camp, Ghana) Gambaga, previous capital of the northern region is one of the towns in the East Mamprusi district in the northern region of Ghana. It… Continue reading

Lecturing on Photography

I’m back to skype lectures as you have been asking! Do you want to present your portfolio to galleries or magazines? Organize them for yourself? Get rid of the “artist blindness”? Or do… Continue reading

Translitorânea, by Andrea Eichenberger

Translitorânea (the Transcoastal Road), or BR101 is the road that runs along the Brazilian coast from the north to the south, joining different states and regions for 4.542 km. In this project, in which… Continue reading

A Dog’s Trauma

I’ve been trying to take a good photograph of this French Bulldog since some time ago. He’s 6 months now and he’s quite playful (he has kind of parcour moments too, climbing and… Continue reading

Jungjin Lee – On an ‘Unnamed Road’, I listen to the ‘Wind’.

Originally posted on bragdon bird:
Jungjin Lee – Ocean Within the first couple of months of living in South Korea, a friend introduced me to a beautiful photographer named Jungjin Lee. It was…

A Cosmic Drama by Mat Mann (NSFW)

Mat Mann was born in 1980 in London, UK. He makes photos, paintings and poems. In an allegory of the human psyche, luminous archetypes shimmer against a dark void with a diaphanous spirituality…… Continue reading

House of the Seven Ladies by Tito Mouraz

House of the Seven Ladies It is still said around here that the house is haunted. At the house there lived seven ladies, all maiden sisters. One of them was a witch. On… Continue reading

Yelena Yemchuk’s photographs of Gidropark, Kiev

“Yelena Yemchuk’s photographs of Gidropark, Kiev, Ukrain, were taken in the summer of 2005 through 2008. Gidropark, which Yemchuk linkens to a “Soviet version of Coney Island” was built in 1968 on the… Continue reading

Borrowed Self Portraits

Sometime ago I had one of those non-days… when you get stuck waiting for something important. On a parallel thought, I never understood “appropriation art”. People who steal others artworks to recreate them;… Continue reading