Lecturing on Photography

I’m back to skype lectures as you have been asking!

Do you want to present your portfolio to galleries or magazines? Organize them for yourself? Get rid of the “artist blindness”?
Or do you need some tips in composition? Make your photos to get that Interestingness factor? Do you need tips to get the best portrait?
Do you want to publish a book and are not sure about the photographs to be chosen?

I’ve been using skype since some time, once it’s easier to connect with you. You can book an hour or 2 with me now for different matters:
Portfolio Reviews;
Guiding model’s shootings: how to guide a model during a shooting session;
Lecturing about composition, content and concept;
University/College lectures on different matters of photography, including lectures on the series B Shot by a Stranger, that has been part of some college/university programs about digital photography or youth loneliness;
– The shootings of B Shot by a Stranger, with young volunteers who want to participate on this sociological project;
Fashion shootings;
Portrait, both doing them and lecturing about them.

Feel free to contact me through email so we can organise your needed and wanted session!

No matter if you’re a student, an emerging photographer, an amateur, or even a professional photographer who decided to change the path of their work, it’s always important to have a professional – and outsider – to look at your work to help you raise up the bar and get rid of some photographs that are not so important, as well as get noticed by the viewer.

You can now book a Skype session for a fee of 100€/1 hour and half.
(50% discount for College Students of Photography)
– after booking you can make the payment through paypal, I’ll guide you on that.

Doing a skype session I’ll be very straight honest: We’ll see it in a deep, thoughtful and helpful way so you can see the errors, learn from them and magnify the best of your work. We’ll talk about composition, aesthetic, how to turn your photos more powerful with the “interestingness” eye catcher:

Prepare yourself for a professional lecture and guidance on your portfolio. When we agree the booking, please send me the links in which you have your work shown, so I can prepare the session in advance.

Book now! I’ll be waiting for your call.

Gonzalo Bénard