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CD #8 for the BSBS series by Gonzalo Benard

CD #8 for the BSBS series by Gonzalo Benard

I’m finally working on the B Shot by a Stranger book!

2 years ago I published a book with this series of photography, a sociological approach on loneliness in youth. But this grew more than I thought it would, 4 years ago when I started the series. The previous book of B Shot by a Stranger, still available to be purchased, will be taken out soon, or as soon as this new one will be published.

For now you have the Oneness book, which has most of my photographs of the series The Soul Matters and Oneness. The book NudeS (on amazon), with most of my photographs of Silent Skins series, and the old version of the B Shot by a Stranger. These 3 books are books of photography, printed and published digitally in great quality.
Parallel to photography I write, and thus I’m the author of The Sacred Book of G, a book of memoirs, random thoughts, philosophy through an autistic mind, a private journal written in the last year, but bringing back memories of all time, experiencing shamanism, talking about my prison in Moscow or my times in Africa or Tibet. The Sacred Book of G is not a book of photography, although it is illustrated with some of the photographs from the series Totem, that was exhibited and produced while I wrote the book. The book was written in Paris, Western Sahara, Dublin, Spanish country side and finished in Lisbon.

GBenard The Sacred Book of G TSBG cover

I’m saying this because some people bought The Sacred Book of G thinking it was a book of Photography.

Right now I’m having some time for myself, while lecturing in some universities around the globe about composition in art/photography, history of Portraiture, Theories of the Brain in Art, etc. I also keep doing Portfolio Reviews and giving private classes through Skype. But my main focus now has been the second book I’m writing that I’ll try to have it ready for publishing before summer. It’s a book about being energy, from a different approach: scientific and shamanic. My experience and learning’s on shamanism facing the scientific theories that I’ve been always following. Reason vs. Intuition, but above all about Cosmic or Collective Consciousness. For this I’m learning, reading and experiencing and challenging myself into new boundaries.
But I wanted to finish this B Shot by a Stranger book also. It has been part of the official lectures in several universities and colleges around the world, and I’ve been also lecturing about this from a viewpoint of an art photographer who’s interested in sociology. This will become an important book, not only with the main photographs of the whole series along the 4 years and more than 40 volunteers, but also with amazing texts and essays that were written about the project. Essays, articles and poems from my side, the loner’s side and strangers’ to this project. A master was written in UK about this project as well, for Sociology. A psychological game of voyeurism and exhibitionism for some, while a search for the meaning of life for others. A curious study about loneliness on youth on this time of screenagers that sometimes leads to youth suicide. Naked, as free of labels, and as frail beings that we all are.

My idea is to have the B Shot by a Stranger book ready and published in April 2015, now selecting the best and most representative photographs of the 4 years as well as all the texts, essays, articles and poems that were written. It will be a book of text and photography.
The book on Cosmic Consciousness will be a book of text, of Science of Mind. Eventually illustrated with a new series of photography.

For the B Shot by a Stranger final book I’m still opened for any new shooting, so if you want to participate you might be on time. In fact, this last week I had a new shooting for the series, so if you’re a loner between 18 and 28yo and want to be a volunteer for this project, feel free to contact me through email.

Here are few photographs from this last shooting for B Shot by a Stranger:

GBenard BSBS CD1ss GBenard BSBS CD2ss GBenard BSBS CD3ss GBenard BSBS CD4ss GBenard BSBS CD6ss GBenard BSBS CD12ss

Lecturing on Photography / Review your Portfolio, by Gonzalo Bénard

Autistic Solitude vs. Loneliness;
A Shamanic Totem;
Hybrids (NSFW);
RA before sunset.

March, 2015 – post by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS
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