B Shot by a Stranger – New 2013 (NSFW)

Here we go again! new photos, new volunteers, new guys for the old loneliness: that plague which is being taken by so many of our young guys! The B Shot by a Stranger… Continue reading

The Neighbours of Blazej Marczak

I am curious about people stories and about conditions they are living in. I chose to work in a genre of portraiture photography as this form is giving me the possibility to meet… Continue reading

Un Soir Place de la Bastille

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” – Lao… Continue reading

Katharine Cooper’s White Africans

Katharine Cooper‘s series “White Africans, A Journey to the Homeland” can finally be seen at Académie des Beaux-Arts, Paris. And it worth a visit! For all those who are visiting Paris untill November… Continue reading

Alchemy, by Sarah Moon

”Very often I say to myself: I would like to make a photo where nothing happens. But in order to eliminate, there has to be something to begin with. For nothing to happen,… Continue reading

The Self, the Mirror, our Shadow and its Fear

To feel fear we need that social empathy dental floss, as feelings like this can not make sense if only one exists: It’s not a feeling we can have without the existence of… Continue reading

Wordless Green

Letters on paper to read to fill the blank of consciousness fulfilled letters not there not soul filling body self fitting on a page filled with nonsense words. Lost By any poet. Consciously… Continue reading


Unicorn, is a text written by Gonzalo W. Bénard, from The Sacred Book of G. (Here is the video of Unicorn, read by actor Craig Hamilton with a piano piece specially composed by Ben… Continue reading

Martin, his sister and her camera

Martin’s sister is Ananda van der Pluijm, a Dutch visual storyteller based in Amsterdam, who won the 3rd Prize Observed Portraits Stories at 2013 World Press Photo. Martin (18yo) is Ananda’s half-brother. He… Continue reading

Time of Death 6:34pm

I feel the time stopped not knowing if death is this unscented without colour without feeling. I feel the time stopped without heat bodiless active without. Life. But I don’t know if death… Continue reading

The ghosts that surround us. by Maria Louceiro

“These images are about the melancholy that is presented to us in the nature, in the human being. The ghosts that surround us. The nature that is both on our side and against… Continue reading

It’s a shame. by Alejandro Campos Herrera

“It is when you’re alone that you dare to be yourself. No boundaries, no rules, no nothing. There you are in your room just as you are, the remains of what the day… Continue reading

Nude – a Body of Dance (NSFW)

Or the Dynamic of Temporality. This moment, our own moment, is probably the one that gets closer to the eternity. Not a moment ago, nor a moment later, but this right moment that… Continue reading

The B Shot by a Stranger Project II (NSFW)

The “B Shot by a Stranger II” keeps going on its second year, and as it happened in the first series, there’s a loner who’s also a writer. And there’s a poet who’s… Continue reading

The Innocence of a Bird

JK, the Bird Heart‘s photographs seems to scream in silence while singing. Joy and Loneliness seems to be present in each work, as if Joy can only be reached alone or loneliness can… Continue reading

The World of Reality by Yuichi Ikehata

“The world of reality and non-reality are very intimate, so it is not too much to say that they are almost one. We touch non-reality with reality as a key and sometimes touch… Continue reading

The Roma Project, by Kieran Kesner

An Interview with Kieran Kesner on his amazing photo documentary “The Roma Project“. 2HeadS: Kieran, by what I saw on your webpage, you’re still studying photography at New York University’s Tisch School of… Continue reading

Out of the Blues III (NSFW)

In a week full of work to do, from essays and translations of them, preparing the next exhibitions, to work on my new series “The Hard Softness” (NSFW), here I leave some photos… Continue reading

The Hard Softness (NSFW)

Following the series Oneness made in the countryside, now that I’m living in the centre of Paris I often have the need to re-connect with nature. Maybe as the old shamans had, to… Continue reading

Studies On Light Nudes (NSFW)

I’ve allways been fascinated with sun ligth stripes, as I guess that most of us are. How the light stripes can create new shapes or give new meanings and forms to the already… Continue reading

B Shot by a Stranger II (NSFW)

The B Shot by a Stranger didn’t end in 2012 after the book. There’s now a new version, with new models, new young loners: B Shot by a Stranger 2013! You may check… Continue reading

Out of the Blues II

Hi guys, after Cooking Humans, here you have some photos I found these 2 weeks that I enjoyed. I didn’t know these photographers’ works and after checking their websites and reblogging the sets… Continue reading

How to Cook Humans

Back to the basics, the absence of something is as important as the something itself, even if it is a non-something. If all is light, the absence of light is darkness, and darkness… Continue reading

Walking the Dogs II

My love for dogs comes since always. And when I say dogs, I mean big dogs. Real dogs. Fascinating too is how they mark their territory. As well as wolves. Peeing all around… Continue reading

Walking the Dogs I

My love for dogs comes since always. And when I say dogs, I mean big dogs. Real dogs. And fascinating too is how they mark their territory. As well as wolves. Peeing all… Continue reading

Dogs Eating Paris

This week I spent couple days shooting in the streets of Paris with my 2 “dogs” and it was amazing the reaction of everybody no matter which age when they saw me walking… Continue reading

walking around in Paris

Paris has been always a great place not only to walk around but to walk around with the camera, and today with some time to do it and the weather permitting, I finally… Continue reading

Conversation with Vera Saltzman

Vera Saltzman is one of the three winners of our 2HeadS contest: Self-Portrait, so here we are having a very pleasant conversation: Enjoy Vera’s wonderful words, worlds and works. 2HeadS – I want to… Continue reading

Self Portrait contest – The Winners!

Focusing on interestingness, creativity, technique, breaking technique, strength, and honesty, editing skills, right crop, and balance and above all feeling the mood & power within the theme, we’ve made a previous selection of… Continue reading

Self Portrait contest – The Public winner!

here it goes… the most voted self-portrait by the public! as it was written and anounced at Self-Portrait Contest: The Finalists!,  “you must vote in 3: only 1 or 2 votes will unbalance the… Continue reading

from Sahara: The Souk

as everything in life this trip to the Sahara had to end. Soon I’ll be back in Paris and I’ll organise all these posts, or will do a selection of the best photos,… Continue reading

from Sahara: The Handsome Men

I couldn’t resist to post here a small series of portraits I did to some men I saw this morning at the camel’s market. Camels were not as interesting as men And a… Continue reading

from Sahara V

and here you have a few more random photos that I took during this travel through the Sahara… tonight I’m leaving to the most important camel’s market in Africa.   You can also… Continue reading

from Sahara IV

The Market. Today I had to go to the souk, and I’m glad that I took the zoom, as people here should be a bit tired of being shot by strangers. And before… Continue reading

from Sahara III

hey guys, everything is great here in this magic place on earth. Staying on the top of an old tower next to the ocean and having the Sahara on the back, with this… Continue reading

from Sahara II

After some more minimalistic shots that I posted on from Sahara I,  here you have some people I meet along the way… hope you enjoy, my internet connection is almost inexistent… so I’ll try… Continue reading

from Sahara

Just a quick note from the Sahara. I was missing indeed the way Africa always embraces with its air, how we feel hugged just by arriving. It has a different warm, a sweaty… Continue reading

Dancing by the Seine

It’s always good to take a walk by the Seine, in Paris; in fact I do it a lot, just walk along the river while feeling it flowing by my side. But it’s… Continue reading

Self-Portrait Contest: The Finalists!

It is never easy and I’ve been judging photographs since some years ago. Focusing on interestingness, creativity, technique, breaking technique, strength, and innovation, editing skills, right crop, and balance and above all feeling… Continue reading

Out of the Blues (NSFW)

Hi guys, I’ve been quite busy these weeks, editing and publish the book NUDE, exhibitions, commissioned work, lab, etc, including preparing a shooting trip for soon, which will make me being away for… Continue reading

Exhibiting Oneness

more info at Oneness and NUDE – by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS April, 2013 Follow me @GBenard on twitter – Facebook – Portfolio Reviews – Feel free to comment, ask or share any… Continue reading

NUDE. a secret book

The book you were waiting for… is out! 4 years of NUDEs by Gonzalo Bénard. 74 pages with photographs, some of them never seen. Body Abstracts, expressions, awakenings and exhibitionists. NUDE, is a… Continue reading

An Art Nude (NSFW)

“An Art Nude should bring the delicacy of the body and the force of its soul, although it shall always bring the force of the same body and the delicacy of its own… Continue reading

Iconic Photographs (NSFW)

All of us photographers and art-photographers have a photograph that somehow became iconic, probably the one that most define our work or the one that created more impact in our audience, clients, etc.… Continue reading

Art Photo Book

For some people, me included, it can be quite hard to go to a bookshop, especially if it’s a bookshop of a museum or even art gallery, where you have wonderful choices not… Continue reading

The Nude: How? (NSFW)

In a previous essay I did, “The Nude: Why?“, I made an introduction with some thoughts about how the nude must be taken and how the nude can be seen. Here I want… Continue reading

2HeadS Contest: Self-Portrait

2HeadS challenges you for its first contest! 2HeadS was founded by Gonzalo Bénard, the editor, when his works of photography started being lectured in several universities, with the aim to help and guide… Continue reading

Anonymous: defaced, unfaced, 2faced and overfaced

I’m not sure from where this came from, maybe it’s just Magritte’s fault, but it seems even more obvious nowadays with photography: the de-identification of one. We don’t want to see your face.… Continue reading

The New Recycled – Duane Michals

After so many years telling stories using multiple photographs, Duane Michals surprised us with an exhibition where he didn’t take photos: He used old ones and painted on them. It seems that became… Continue reading

Let’s Move! (NSFW)

I had to bring “Sequence Photography” to 2HeadS, it was just a question of time and opportunity, so here you have: Eadweard Muybridge. If you do analogue photography, I’m sure that when you… Continue reading

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