Skin and Stones

Skin and Stones is an ongoing series following meditation on these two elements’ textures, shapes and energy. The Stones which were charged and shaped day and night by the winds and waves, under the sun and the moon(s).
This series is being worked on under trance in shamanic practices, making the connection between the stones and the human skin.


more photographs at Skin and Stones

this series follows the “Meditation on Stones, a Body” that was previously featured here, and can be seen in full in photographs of the art performance and paintings.

meanwhile the book “MPower the Shaman” is out!

“Materialist science, the new religion of the modern age, claims that an alive and conscious human is as cosmically significant as a takeaway coffee cup. So we can do what we want with ourselves and each other, within reason.
Gonzalo Bénard’s teachings are an antidote to the consumerism that the Western World offers. And that his knowledge on consciousness derives from direct, sensory experience is something that mainstream science cannot comprehend, nor compete with.”
Graham Hancock


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