The Nude: Why? (NSFW)

As you all can imagine, also by my work on nudes, I never understood the whole over sensitivity and fake prudish on the theme. Every time I post a nude, even if it’s… Continue reading

Human Toys (NSFW)

I never understood if the toys were invented to keep the children busy and distracted from their usual crying and screaming moments, fulfilling their constant need of attention, or if they were created… Continue reading

A Photo Drawing (NSFW)

Art-photographers are exactly that: artists who use photography as a mean of expression. But this doesn’t mean that we stuck on photography, pure/raw photography I mean. Before photography there was other means of… Continue reading

Judging Photographs (NSFW)

Once in a while, since few years ago I’m invited to judge photo contests. Sometimes we only need to select, other times to make a comment on why we select it, or why… Continue reading

My Nude Morning Rituals

I’m sorry for not having been here for few days, I shall return soon with new essays, tips and thoughts: just need to finish some big projects and works and I’ll be back!… Continue reading

Post Mortem (NSFW)

Corpses, Coffins & Co Two months before my father died, we were talking about the importance of a funeral album at the beginning of photography, despise the fact that now almost only state… Continue reading

on Submissions

2HeadS is having a great feedback from the photography community, emerging photographers, university students where my work have been lectured, professionals, zines, editors, curators and lovers of photography: thank you to all of… Continue reading

A Man’s Shrine

“A shrine (Latin: scrinium “case or chest for books or papers”; Old French: escrin “box or case”) is a holy or sacred place, which is dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero, martyr,… Continue reading

Intercourse: A Table Tribute (NSFW)

Along with a chair or a bed, the Table is probably one of the most important pieces in our lives: we do most of the main things at the table. We use tables… Continue reading

Open for Discussion

After reading Man Barlett‘s essay “On Coffee Houses, salons, and the Post Arts” that is featured on Hyperallergic, I started wondering on real and cyber people’s openness to discussion in public. As I… Continue reading

Let Me Be Your Private Voyeur (NSFW)

Hi guys! Did you miss the “B Shot by a Stranger“? As you know I’m doing a 2013 version of it to publish a second book… and guess what? The new loners are… Continue reading

The Conspiracy of the Brain

Theory of Design in Photography It’s not the first time here that I give some tips on composition in photography, like when I wrote “Flip the Compo!” or “The Conspiracy of the Triangle“,… Continue reading

What Makes a Good Photograph? (part II)

Are you still reading me? Brave! It means that you’re up to do more interesting photographs then. This is the part II of “What Makes a Good Photograph?“. Photography is all about details.… Continue reading

What Makes a Good Photograph? (part I)

As you can imagine this is probably the question #1 that all emerging and not so emerging photographers do. In fact most people, from art collectors to economists. But let’s focus on photographers… Continue reading

Toy Soldiers and Fire Works

Back in 2001 when I was invited to create and curate the International Salon of Contemporary Artists in Lisbon, I invited Dave Farnham to participate with a few art-videos that were a great… Continue reading

The Art of Suffering

When I wrote the “pain should never be an excuse, but a tool for you to create with“, it came to my mind several other artists who certainly had that concept in mind.… Continue reading

The Artist’s Proof

This is an important note for you to know, if you’re a photographer who wants to start doing fine art photography and exhibiting it in the art market circuit (art galleries), or if… Continue reading

The Insiders: An Intimate Portrait (NSFW)

If for The Outsiders, we need the models to have attitude and empathy, to shoot The Insiders, we need double empathy, trust and a deep feeling of voyeurism as the models are not… Continue reading

The Outsiders (NSFW)

Lately there’s a new trend in fashion blogs in which they do snapshots of people outfits at the street. You’re taking a walk and suddenly out of the blues one of those bloggers… Continue reading

Rainbow 4 Humanity

2HeadS joined forces with Artchipel, Lensblr, MutantSpace and Pixel Union in this YCPhotographs project to build a photo Rainbow 4 Humanity. Inspired in the symbology of the rainbow and its colours that have… Continue reading

Free WallPapers

Free WallPapers for You! Note: check first your screen resolution for the wallpaper to fit perfectly and then choose the one you like the most. There’s always a first version for 1024×768 and… Continue reading

A self-incarnation of the superego

I wrote already a few lines about self-portraits at the History of the Portrait where I briefly explained the different approaches that art-photographers have. You can have some wonderful self-portraits by Robert Mapplethorpe… Continue reading

Moi, le Beau et la Bete

As I wrote in “Pain should never be an excuse, but a tool for you to create with“, the confrontation with the catholic society in Lisbon when I’ve been in 2012, the fakeness of… Continue reading

Conversations Around the Table

The series “Conversations around the Table” was inspired in the Portuguese tradition of meeting people around a table – for no reason, and also in the wonderful short film “Coffee and Cigarettes” directed… Continue reading

Pain should never be an excuse, but a tool for you to create with

“Men are tormented not by things themselves but by what they think about them.” Epictetus (Epictetus was a Greek philosopher who was born slave. Epíktetos in Greek means “acquired.”) – Giving one more… Continue reading

Colouring by Numbers

When spending a summer holiday in the countryside, some years ago, I went to a farmer’s house and saw a B/W  TV on with a rainbow filter over the screen; I became fascinated… Continue reading

Duane Michals: The StoryTeller

I just wrote a terrific text about the tremendously inspiring Duane Michals and how he collects collections to tell stories inside stories facing his own fears, comparing to Peter Greenaway and his collection… Continue reading

Diane Arbus Contact

Few days ago surfing around on photographer’s blogs I found this wonderful contact sheet by Diane Arbus, at the blog of the street photographer Thomas Simon. (Thank you Tom!) I found it delicious,… Continue reading

How to Be an Art Sponsor?

Today I was thinking about 2HeadS and how could this blog help you and be more useful to you, no matter if you’re photographer, curious, interested in photography, art collector, art gallerist, art… Continue reading

A review on your Portfolio

make a Review on your Portfolio! I get a considerable amount of emails from photographers asking if I can review their portfolios: I’ll do the review of your portfolio for a fee of … Continue reading

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

No matter how ugly you are, you’re not a real photographer if you never did a self-portrait in the mirror. It’s a must. And you know that. It has nothing to do with… Continue reading

Le Voyeur Social

There is no age or sex to be put apart from the society. In every culture of the world, there are always some people who are less people than humans: the sub-humans who… Continue reading

A World’s Voodoo Trance

Rites, Rituals and Voodoo Trances If for some, Rite is more connected to religion and Ritual to paganism, for others, Rite is connected to death and Ritual more of a celebration of life.… Continue reading

The Cyber Friends’ project

The Cyber Friends’ project is about our idea of others that we call friends but whom we never saw, smell or felt in real life. We see them through webcam, we chat, we… Continue reading

A Sacred Erotica (NSFW)

Before anything else, I advise you to cover your eyes before reading this post. You can leave 2 fingers slightly open as if you’re shocked though, even if you’re alone. I’ll be talking… Continue reading

B Shot by a Stranger 2013

It’s official: After the magnificent response on the “B Shot by a Stranger” project that I’ve created in 2012, and still with so many to unveil and discover, I decided to make a… Continue reading

A Bad Morning

My dearest morning, If you didn’t notice yet, every time we think or have conscious that we are ready to have or accept whatever we wished for us, it seems that we attract… Continue reading

Sketching Concepts. a Tribute.

Some years ago, doing the editorial coordination for a great exhibition of Santiago Calatrava in Cultural Centre of Belém in Lisbon, I got in hands by the architect a massive pile of his… Continue reading

Straight Thoughts on Nudes and Ostriches (NSFW)

Being interviewed for a TV channel, in loco at one of my exhibitions in Lisbon, and standing in a room with female nudes, some animals and few other male nudes depicted, I was… Continue reading

Art collectors, clients, their issues and our thoughts.

Last year I went to the house of a client to give him in hands a portrait I did of him – that he commissioned me, and for the occasion he decided to… Continue reading

Y Creative Photographs: 100.000 followers!

Once upon a time… it was July, 26th in Paris. The day was hot and I had to stay home waiting for a pack. Once again I was scrolling my tumblr dash and… Continue reading

Creativity. The Immediate Long Term.

In the past few years at least once per month there’s a brand new emerging photographer who found how to levitate, how to make a different reflection of himself in the bathroom mirror,… Continue reading

Notes On: The Female Lenses

Writing the “Notes On: Persian Photography” I realised the importance of female photographers in history. The world can have the best chefs, painters, sculptures, even writers most of all males, but in photography… Continue reading

Gonzalo Benard: A Perfect Stranger

  Gonzalo Bénard sits at his computer. Through the screen, an image of a young man standing bedside, walking to a door, rearranging books on their shelf. Camera at hand, he himself is… Continue reading

An Interview With The Incredible Photographer Gonzalo Benard for MutantSpace

Gonzalo Benard is an incredible photographer from Portugal based in Paris. I’m delighted that he agreed to do this online interview with me. I hope you enjoy it and get some sense of… Continue reading

2012 was a dynamic year after all.

I have a terrible chronological memory, which is good most of the times, but when I need to organize time past it becomes a hard task, specially when I have to answer journalists… Continue reading

Tell Me a Story: Street Photography

By the time you must know that I live in Paris, which is the city of Street photography by excellence.  And unless you’re starting/studying photography you might be asking why am I talking… Continue reading

A Photo not taken: The Golden Castle.

The ground’s tones were the same as the walls in terms of grey scale, but in fact it was kind of golden sand lit by the sunrise, those that fill a wheat field… Continue reading

Notes On: Persian photography

Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations and the blossoming of Persian literature, philosophy, medicine, astronomy, mathematics and art became major elements of Muslim civilization. But it was due to… Continue reading

Notes On: Crossing Borders

As I wrote at “The Portrait I, a brief history of.“, the concept of the portrait started in Renaissance, mostly sponsored by the Catholic Church, including the Pope himself who was probably the… Continue reading

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