B Shot by a Stranger. Yes, Still!

The series “B Shot by a Stranger” became a mission, apart from the project itself.
I keep working on it after 5 years, new loners, who volunteer to share with us their private and intimate moments of solitude.

Recently, the photo book Mossless (Issue 4 – Private/Public Portrait) featured the series as well, with the amazing text “B-ing Shot by a Stranger” that can be read here, and several photographs from the different years.
It was featured also at the fantastic magazine of art photography EYEMAZING, with a text that can be read here. and in several other blogs, zines, etc

Hope you keep enjoying the series along the years, giving youth loneliness a voice, allowing the loners to be part of this art-sociological photo project.

The B Shot by a Stranger is a project that looks into the loneliness of youth, being shot through webcam, as a play of voyeurism, to not interfere with the loners’ physical and energetic space. They don’t know me but they trust me as a stranger, being lonely they need attention, or someone to talk with. All these young men have between 18 and 28yo, from all around the world, different cultures, different religions, different worries. They are social, but they drawn in their own loneliness when alone.

From Ohio to Philippines, from Austria to Puerto Rico, Poland or South Africa, seems that the universal youth is suffering from this considered the illness of the century: loneliness.

Here are some new photographs from 2017:


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If you want to be a volunteer for this photographic-sociological project contact by eMail
(volunteers are young male loners between 18 and 28yo from all over the world, no matter race, culture or faith)

“Materialist science, the new religion of the modern age, claims that an alive and conscious human is as cosmically significant as a takeaway coffee cup. So we can do what we want with ourselves and each other, within reason.
Gonzalo Bénard’s teachings are an antidote to the consumerism that the Western World offers. And that his knowledge on consciousness derives from direct, sensory experience is something that mainstream science cannot comprehend, nor compete with.”
Graham Hancock


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