Shot by a Stranger

A lovely article, in a great art blog, about the series of photography B Shot by a Stranger on loneliness in youth. OnArtAndAesthetics you will find some great articles, a must follow.

On Art and Aesthetics

Google “millennials” and “loneliness” and you will find a flood of articles. Our generation is rich in virtual connections, poor in concrete companionship. Since 2011, French-Spanish artist Gonzalo Bénard (born in 1969 in Lisbon, Portugal) has been working on a photographic project called “B Shot by a Stranger”, which he hopes will be the subject of further sociological and psychological interpretations.

The project looks into the lives of the lonely youth of today – according to Gonzalo, “the screenagers” – through the webcam. It is an enterprise that exposes one’s vulnerabilities and can seem invasive but is it built on a pact of trust. The subjects are volunteers, young men between the ages of 18 and 28, from all over the world – from Ohio to the Philippines, from Austria to Puerto Rico, Poland to South Africa. Across different cultures and religions and occupations and worries, there is one constant. Everybody…

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