Chez Moi

The end is near… soon, after this xmas holidays we will say goodbye to one more year, leaving behind some useless memories and carrying, (hopefully) embracing the best ones we’ve built along 2015.
Some amazing projects done, and now preparing new ones. New year, new projects, always an opportunity to reshape life, or to give life new meanings and accomplishments.

Faith is better on oneself and on humanity. And a peaceful mind doesn’t mean that it can not be dynamic. In fact, it should be.

I am here to thank you all for being around along this year and to wish you wonderful holidays and an amazing 2016!

And because life doesn’t stop, here’s some new photos from this week… chez moi.

GBenard WD1ss

WD #1, by ©GBenard

GBenard WD2ss

WD #2, by ©GBenard

GBenard WD6ss

WD #6, by ©GBenard

GBenard WD7ss

WD #7, by ©GBenard

GBenard WD8ss

WD #8, by ©GBenard

GBenard WD9ss

WD #9, by ©GBenard

GBenard WD10ss

WD #10, by ©GBenard

GBenard WD3ss

WD #3, by ©GBenard

Lecturing on Photography / Review your Portfolio, by Gonzalo Bénard

Autistic Solitude vs. Loneliness;
A Shamanic Totem;
Hybrids (NSFW);
RA before sunset.

December, 2015 – post by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS
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cover The Sacred Book of Gss GBenard IEnergyss

GBenard nude cover 1ss

The Sacred Book of G” is a stream of consciousness, a thought provoking intimate journal written by Gonzalo Bénard. After 3 days of brain death he reborn with a deep loss of memory. He reborn without any sense of his past — of his own roots — of his own self. Before that he’d spent his time creating defences to disguise his autism. He had lost it too. New born G had no memory and no defences.

I, Energy” is a book on Cosmic Consciousness, Quantum Physics and Old Shamanism written by Gonzalo Bénard who not only lived in Himalayas with shamans and in a Buddhist monastery but also in the Western Sahara with old shamans. A guide on healing and transcendental meditation and how you can master your own mind.

Gonzalo Bénard is the author of The Sacred Book of G and I, Energy that you can now purchase directly from the publisher with 20% discount.
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Gonzalo Bénard is a lecturer, a tutor of autistic teenagers, and a visual artist. His photography has been part of the annual programs of several universities around the world, and are in several private and public art collections such as Museum of Serralves, Cultural Centre of Cascais or Sir Elton John’s. His works are in Hollywood productions and TV series.
You can see his work of photography at his webpage.