Out of the Blues IV

Did you miss the Out of the Blues? Here you have more: random photographs that I found during the week that caught my eyes: Related posts: Out of the Blues III (NSFW); Out of… Continue reading

Immortals, by Vee Speers

Vee Speers is an Australian born who lived in Paris for more than 20 years. You might know her work from the article “Paris Photo 2013, a safe place“, in which she was… Continue reading

Gay, Russian and Naked, by Alexander Kargaltsev

2HeadS means “Nude Thoughts on Photography”. And this work by Russian born Alexander Kargaltsev is a unique statement on that. In 2HeadS there’s no space – no time and no energy either –… Continue reading

The Claustrum Corporis: Simulacra

I wanted to do a post about Madison´s work since some time ago. And for no reason I didn’t do it when Madison, contemporary Dutch art-photographer, did his exhibition few months ago. Today… Continue reading

InfraMen, by Nir Arieli

Nir Arieli – InfraMen exhibition at Daniel Cooney Fine Art Gallery Jan 16th to March 8th “Inframen” a beautiful series of infrared portraits by American photographer Nir Arieli, based in New York. Nir… Continue reading

The Corpses of My Hours, by Boris Loeve

When I first saw this series “The Corpses of my Hours”, by Boris Loeve, I not only fall in love by them (in fact wishing myself to have taken them), but also what… Continue reading

The Taxonomy of Desire (NSFW)

In the city of Malmö, the photographic exhibition “The Taxonomy of Desire” at the Galleri Vasli Souza is exploring the works of Max Pam, Emmanuel Angelicas, Karen Paulina Biswell and Larry Defelippi until… Continue reading

Portfolio Review!

Do you want to present your portfolio to galleries or magazines? Organize them for yourself? Get rid of the “artist blindness”? Or do you need some tips in composition? Make your photos to… Continue reading

I left, but I Am Travelling.

I left Paris. And I am travelling. A beginning of a new journey that I’m embracing. Travelling – geographically speaking -, and digging into the inner. As life is about change, as change… Continue reading

Memory Cards and Touristic Brains

Living in the centre of Paris, – by excellence the city of street photography, and tourism -, you don’t take 2 steps in the street without seeing tourists taking pictures of everything. And… Continue reading

Noh, Pop and Morimura

In a parallel world between Noh and Pop, Yasumasa Morimura – born in 1951 in Osaka -, is a Japanese “appropriation artist”: he borrows images from historical artists, and inserts his own face… Continue reading

The Camera Obscura in the scientific war between Christianity and Islam

  I know that I’ve never wanted to talk about gear… but let’s see this post as a matter of faith, science, philosophy and intellect. Anyway, this comes as second part of The… Continue reading

The Experts and the Creative World on 2HeadS

When I created the world… Sorry, I’ll start again: When I created 2HeadS, my main focus was photography, especially human related, as it started, bringing some art history to it, to give photography… Continue reading

Emmet Gowin and his revelations.

Emmet Gowin was born in 1941, in Danville, Virginia and earned his BFA in Graphic Design from the Richmond Professional Institute and his MFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design.… Continue reading

Majid Saeedi: Lucas Dolega Award

Acclaimed Iranian photographer Majid Saeedi has scooped the first prize at the 2014 edition of Lucas Dolega Award held in Paris. Saeedi is an award winning and internationally recognized Iranian photographer who has… Continue reading

David Szauder the Glitched PixelNoizz

David Szauder. Sometimes known as PixelNoizz, his war name. He’s from Hungary, born in 1976. David Szauder. I’ll repeat his name as many times as it’s needed. Enough for you to memorize it.… Continue reading

Exhibitions: Go!

I have to say this again. And again. If you like an artist’s work, don’t just like: comment and share. You have an important role on an artist’s work specially on these social… Continue reading

Music and Photography: by Neurotic Mass Movement

I’m asking one question to a few musicians who eventually inspired me on some of my works: – I often get inspired not only in literature but also in music, from jazz to… Continue reading

Danny Fitzgerald and Les Demi Dieux: Brooklyn Boys (NSFW)

Opened in December, “Danny Fitzgerald and Les Demi Dieux: Brooklyn Boys” is still in exhibition at Steven Kasher Gallery until January, 18th, in case you’re around NY and didn’t see it yet. It… Continue reading

GBénard and Co.

We all know what happens to the friends of a portrait’s photographer… Somehow they all end to get a portrait done. Maybe to change from my own portraits, on Oneness, for example. Mine… Continue reading

Philip-Lorca diCorcia in the Street

Because we like people and even more people with some wittiness in their photography, we had to bring Philip-Lorca. Philip-Lorca diCorcia is American and was born in 1951. Staged or not, with paid… Continue reading

Enrico Natali and other people.

Enrico Natali was born in 1933 in Utica, New York. That’s basically what you need to know. In 1951 he developed an interest in photography while a cadet at the United States Coast… Continue reading

Giving Birth to a Goat

I went to the warehouse’s kitchen trying to find the housekeeper. She wasn’t there either. On the cold table made of marble, a goat is dead and opened belly up. It’s smoking from… Continue reading

My Non Existence in a Prison. From Russia with Love.

The day I bought my flight ticket to Tibet, I quit my great job and I called my friends to come over at evening. Before that, I packed all my things to give… Continue reading

Urs Lüthi. Self Portraits.

Urs Lüthi. and that’s it. Urs was born in Switzerland, 1947, and here you have some of his self-portraits. some taken in 1971. some others not. some were taken in 1974. – more… Continue reading

2013: The Interviews and The Photographers

In 2013, the first complete year of 2HeadS, we made and gave several interviews as well as did some short notes and references to art photographers that crossed our paths: all of them… Continue reading

Jacob Sutton – Flour Power

Today Unknown Editors, an inspirational art blog worth to follow on tumblr, posted an amazing set of photographs by Jacob Sutton, who is more known by his Fashion Editorials. This set is part… Continue reading

On art-photography, gear is secondary

On art-photography, gear is secondary. Like brushes and paints for a painter, cameras, lenses and flashes are just instruments. The most important gear is your mind. It’s important to have some concepts on… Continue reading

Music, Photography, Video

I don’t want to end the year without a special post. It’s not about photography. It’s about photography. It’s about photography, or photographers who play with video, or videos that brings the best… Continue reading

Season Greetings!

The first fully year of 2HeadS is about to end. It has been great and warming to have you all here along this time. Your private feedback, the university lectures and the approach… Continue reading

EYEMAZING – The New Collectible Art Photography

Thames & Hudson published this year a magnificent book by Eyemazing Susan: “EYEMAZING – The New Collectible Art Photography“. A luxury edition of almost 600 pages most of them photography illustrated with some… Continue reading

B Shot by a Stranger: New Original Prints

Here are few prints I did as proofs of artist (P/A), the original ones before the limited editions of 3/3 to exhibit and be sold to art collectors. On the wall almost ready… Continue reading

B Shot by a Stranger: Beyond Loneliness

In the beginning of 2012, artist Gonzalo Bénard in a quest of understanding the loneliness of youth, its causes and consequences, asked to a few strangers/volunteers – through social networks -, if he… Continue reading

An Art Book for XTmas!

Yesterday walking along the streets of Paris I could see the amount of people buying cut pines for 100 euros so they can decorate their livings for 2 weeks and then throw them… Continue reading

Some Blogs I Follow

From photography to literature, you can click on the images once they’re linked to the blogs. Enjoy the readings, by alphabetic order. Brain Pickings: CO-Mag: HyperAllergic: LensCulture: L’Oeil de la Photographie: Messy Nessy… Continue reading

Directing Street Photography

Here’s the 4th and last part of Directing Photography: after Portrait, People/Conceptual and Fashion. If when doing Portraits you should direct the person’s personality and face itself, for People/Conceptual you should direct them… Continue reading

Directing Photography: Fashion

Fashion is the 3rd part of Directing Photography, after Portrait and People/Conceptual. I didn’t do much fashion photography, maybe a bit more jewelry, but I’ve been always surrounded by fashion designers, fashion models,… Continue reading

Directing Photography: People (NSFW)

Directing photography: People/Conceptual As I wrote in the previous post, on Directing Portraits, here’s the 2nd part: Directing People on Conceptual photography. Here we don’t want to bring the personality of the model:… Continue reading

Directing Photography: Portrait

Note: 2HeadS‘ aim is to give tips and help other photographers, emerging, amateurs, even professionals who want to change, for example from landscape to human related. This means that your own tips and… Continue reading

Mandela Goes Free Today!

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013 “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates… Continue reading

The Underground New York Public Library

When I was a kid, I remember my father telling me in one of our cultural travellings, that someone told once “if you want to know the culture of a country you should… Continue reading

Nude, or the dynamic of temporality

Nude, or the dynamic of temporality. There is no temporality in the eternity as there is in the moment in which we live. In the present moment, which is done by the borrowed… Continue reading

Jorge Molder: The King, The Captain, The Soldier and the Thief.

A couple years ago, in reference to my work of photography, Natasha Christia wrote in a wonderful, and must read article “The Awakening of the Self“:  “Gonzalo Bénard’s self-portraits defy any notion of… Continue reading

B Shot by a Stranger: new Loners

I couldn’t resist to share some new photographs of the B Shot by a Stranger that I shot lately. The loners, who are volunteers, have been so great and so kind… and even… Continue reading

Genesis, by Sebastiao Salgado

I wonder if the people staring 10 mins at a tree photographed by Sebastiao Salgado, would have seen the tree itself if they had passed by it, or if it would be invisible… Continue reading

Paris Photo 2013: A Selection (NSFW)

Here’s a selection of some photographs and photographers that I wouldn’t mind to have in my collection, or that I didn’t know or just caught my attention in the Paris Photo 2013 along… Continue reading

Paris Photo 2013, the Classic and the Masters (NSFW)

As I wrote in the post before about Paris Photo 2013, there was some of the masters that I missed, like Joel-Peter Witkins (what happen to Gallerie Beaudoin Lebon?) or Jan Saudek, to… Continue reading

Paris Photo 2013, a Safe Place (NSFW)

One of the feelings you have when visiting Paris Photo is certainly the unsurprising selection of exhibited photographs and photographers. Nothing new. The same old galleries, the same old photographers and sometimes the… Continue reading

Portraits of Writers (NSFW)

Since some time ago I wanted to do a post about Portraits of Writers. Why writers? Usually writers, poets and musicians go along with visual artists, including photographers since the very beginning of… Continue reading

B Shot by a Stranger – New 2013 (NSFW)

Here we go again! new photos, new volunteers, new guys for the old loneliness: that plague which is being taken by so many of our young guys! The B Shot by a Stranger… Continue reading

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