Notes On: Crossing Borders

As I wrote at “The Portrait I, a brief history of.“, the concept of the portrait started in Renaissance, mostly sponsored by the Catholic Church, including the Pope himself who was probably the… Continue reading

The Awakening of the Self

The Awakening of the Self, by Natasha Christia for EYEMAZING, Spring issue 2009 The encounter with Portuguese photographer Gonzalo Bénard brings to mind the ephemeral, yet deeply mystic moment of “epiphany” that accompanies… Continue reading

Bringing the Taboo to Beauty

Bringing the Taboo to Beauty, an interview with the art-photographer Gonzalo Bénard, by Kai Behrmann for Top Photography Films. “Photography is the essential part of a triangle in a dialogue composed by the… Continue reading

Flip the Compo!

Flip the Compo! I often get young – and not so young – photographers showing me photographs they took but with which they’re not completely satisfied with, something like “it’s great, but something’s… Continue reading

Dear Friends,

Dear friends! The Cold & Christmas are arriving with Snow & scary Santas! Knowing that most of you leave the best shopping for last time, I’m here to remind you about shipment and… Continue reading

Small Town Inertia

An interview to the photographer Jim A. Mortram. “Small Town Inertia is a long form social documentary and environmental portraiture series that I have been working upon for the last 3 years.”  … Continue reading

The Conspiracy of the Triangle (NSFW)

The Conspiracy of the Triangle. A principle in composition. Like it is The Conspiracy of the Brain. It’s quite curious to see that even since the Palaeolithic paintings or engravings at the walls/caves,… Continue reading

The Portrait II: or how to face it.

In a series of lectures I gave, one was about composition, from the great masters to now, how they built the scenes to frame them better and to give more attention to the… Continue reading

The Portrait I. a brief history of.

Or how the photography changed the whole concept of the portrait. It is told that the concept we have of portrait was born in Renaissance, when human being start becoming the main part… Continue reading

Do you want to be my Cyber Friend?

The Cyber Friends’ project is dedicated to my most intimate and closest cyber friends. The B Shot by a Stranger project brought me a new world of thoughts and feelings, the contact with… Continue reading

Notes on a visit to Paris Photo and NoFound Photo fair 2012

2 days, one city, 2 photo fairs. The more academic-traditional and great Paris Photo where the best Art Galleries are representing their most prestigious photographers, and, almost like a Salon des Refusés, the… Continue reading

Portrait Salon, or the Salon des Refusés in UK

I’m honoured to make part of the Portrait Salon as one of the selected art-photographers in this year’s event. Portrait Salon was founded as a response to the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize. A… Continue reading

Is New Photography, Photography?

Few years ago when I was jury member in an international competition of photography we had a photograph taken of a ripped well known classic photograph. Some of the jurors initial reaction was… Continue reading

B Shot by a Stranger by Hilaire Avril for EYEMAZING

Gonzalo Bénard B Shot by a Stranger The title of Gonzalo Bénard’s series, B Shot by a Stranger, almost sounds like an advertising slogan. In a sense, it is. To find the subjects… Continue reading

An Encounter with Solitude, by Cipriano de Guimarães for AtBalbec

Paris-based artist photographer Gonzalo Bénard, creator of human portraits in the black and in the white, talked with Atelier Balbec about his recently completed satellite-photography experiment, B Shot by a Stranger, in which… Continue reading

Things, Winds and Emptiness without Void

Notes from a conversation with Jungjin Lee “The still mind of the sage is the mirror of heaven and earth, the glass of all things. Vacancy, stillness, placidity, tastelessness, quietude, silence, and non-action… Continue reading


Androgyny and hybrids are already labelled. It had to happen.  Man can’t live without labelling everything for his better understanding. In fact I always thought that androgyny would be the future of human… Continue reading

A Mind’s Odyssey seeking The Silence.

After few years working on the photographic series Oneness that took place in the years of my pre and post-coma trying to locate myself in the world, or as part of nature as… Continue reading

on photography, an advice.

When asked about my advice to young photographers: Learn everything you can learn about, pay attention to all the details you can, but shoot only when you’re able to forget all that you’ve… Continue reading

Winds with the sea inside (NSFW)

The wind is wind to make the gold dance but not wind to take the grey away. And the rain… the rain is not rain enough to wet the wind. To bring the… Continue reading


Oneness Not even for one moment did I have a conscious break asking, “What am I doing here, naked among the sheep, trying to create a dialogue with these piles of wool when… Continue reading

B Shot by a Stranger

“B Shot by a Stranger” -A Satellite Experiment- is a photograph’s project by Gonzalo Bénard When I first started creating this project in my mind I had no idea how interesting it would… Continue reading

X-Ray WiredScapes

One day out of the blues I found out one of those hospital X-Rays light-box, those old ones that doctors use to study them, which I now have as an unusual “lamp” at… Continue reading

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