Jungjin Lee – On an ‘Unnamed Road’, I listen to the ‘Wind’.

an article by Bragdon Bird about Jungjin Lee, after “Things, Winds and Emptiness without Void” at 2HeadS (https://gbenard.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/things-winds-and-emptiness-without-a-void)

bragdon bird

Jungjin Lee - Ocean Jungjin Lee – Ocean

Within the first couple of months of living in South Korea, a friend introduced me to a beautiful photographer named Jungjin Lee. It was after looking at her images that I discovered her educational background. She not only has a degree in photography, but in ceramics as well.  It certainly explains the earthen dimension, richness and depth to her images. There is, also, something strikingly unique about Jungjin’s work and especially, in our age of digitally manipulated images which infiltrates our social media and creative blogging platforms. Rather, her photographs are seeped in a more traditional approach that is far more sophisticated. Clearly, she takes meticulous care in the development of each print. She is an artist who uses her understanding of ceramics to bring a mindfulness to her photographs. In these often barren landscapes, a tactile essence hangs in the stillness of lead color grey…

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