About 2Heads

self portrait with webcam, by Gonzalo Bénard

self portrait with webcam, by Gonzalo W. Bénard


In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Janus (Latin: Ianus) is the god of beginnings and transitions, thence also of gates, doors, doorways, endings and time. He is usually a two-faced god since he looks to the future and the past.

2HeadS began when G. W. Bénard works started being lectured in several universities and schools of photography worldwide to help and guide not only the teachers but specially the students of photography. 2HeadS has since then became a reference with now more than 380.000 followers from all over the world: articles, notes, essays, interviews and opinion articles covering photo fairs like Paris Photo in Parisand other exhibitions
Gonzalo Bénard is the author of “I, Energy – on cosmic consciousness, quantum physics and old shamanism” and “MPower the Shaman, a disquiet shift of consciousness“.

2HeadS was born when my father died in Sept. 11th 2012, from whom I learned that to remain alive one should create. and share. and dialogue.

about Gonzalo W. Bénard (Founder and Editor of 2HeadS):

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, from Spanish and French cultures, 2 Heads’ founder Gonzalo W. Bénard have been deepening his European roots in culture.

Gonzalo W. Bénard directed art galleries, and at the Cultural Centre of Belém, Lisbon he coordinated the editorial department of the exhibition centre; also coordinated the editorial of the Portuguese representation in Venice Biennial in 1995 invited by the Minister of Culture who gave Bénard a public honour for his work.
G. W. Bénard went to Himalayas spending there 3 years studying in school monasteries of painting and philosophy (Nepal/Tibet), living also with Tibetan Shamans at the highlands of Himalayas.
Back in Portugal, in 2000, Bénard started exhibiting his paintings and drawings worldwide, from Lisbon to L.A., while being awarded several times in national and international contests, with his drawings or photographs.
He moved to Barcelona, in 2002, where he started using photography as his main medium of creating. With more exhibitions, in London, Barcelona, Lisbon, etc, Bénard moved in 2012 to Paris where he now lives and works.
Sometimes still using his first analogue Camera, an Asahi Pentax that he used for his very first solo show in Quadrum art gallery, with 13yo, in Lisbon, he now mostly shoot in digital, being always an innovator in mediums, using also webcams or satellite connections.

Gonzalo W. Bénard’s artworks can be seen worldwide in private and public art-collections as for example PT Comunications or Serralves Foundation in Portugal, Sir Elton John‘s photography collection in UK, or published in several art blogs and art magazines such as EYEMAZING or Gestalten editions, including in books published by Thames & Hudson and having also 3 more books published as author’s editions. His photographic works can also be seen in different sets from TV series and movies like Rogue or Agent X, by Sharon Stone who’s also a collector of Bénard’s work.

Gonzalo W. Bénard is an artist and art-photographer who lives and works in Europe. (Lisbon/Barcelona/Paris)

Gonzalo Bénard is also the author of “I, Energy – on cosmic consciousness, quantum physics and old shamanism” and “MPower the Shaman, a disquiet shift of consciousness“.

For any other contact about 2HeadS or Gonzalo Bénard’s Photographic Work, from Art Galleries, Curators, Art Collectors, etc, please use the G.W.Bénard/2HeadS email. Thank you.