Still Under Meditation: The Performance

Still under meditation trance, I stood up and placed the papers on the floor. The body got naked on its own skin finding its own place on the ground. An obstacle with life. Indian ink and Japanese brush prepared to flow as rivers. The meditation was on stones washed out by the rivers. I listened and observed them and their own knowledge. They were placed then over and around the body, as secondary obstacles and as obstacles to the obstacles.

The rivers only attain their targets because they learned how to overcome the obstacles. So they flow, shaping them around.
Embracing them.


Water never lost its own personality and main characteristics no matter where. It can be put in a glass and it takes the shape of it, or it can flow as a river and shape and carve it’s own way. But the water remains water. With its own memory as body of energy. You can be water, shaping and being shaped, adapting yourself to the new environment without changing yourself.

However we should pay attention to the water as rivers. Rivers flow. They come from the earth, they carve their way or they just flow with the aim of reaching the biggest sea and be one with it. When it attains the oceans, or the seas, the water of the river is richer and wiser, carrying the memories of the places that it passed through, and specially the wisdom of how to embrace the obstacles that it found on its own path. Embracing the obstacles is the wisest way to face them. Embracing, shaping them and let them go. Flowing, naturally.

Or how an obstacle, in the form of a stone, in a shape of a heart, becomes embraced and accepted to no longer be an obstacle but just a heart giving rhythm to life. To a body of rivers.

GBenard Meditation on Stones and Body18ss

@GBenard “Meditation on Stones and Body #18”

GBenard Meditation on Stones and Body24ss

@GBenard “Meditation on Stones and Body #22”

GBenard Meditation on Rivers6ss

@GBenard “Meditation on Rivers #6”

GBenard framed meditation paintings2016gss

framed “Meditation on Rivers #6”, by Gonzalo Bénard

“Meditation on Stones, a Body of Rivers” was a performance under meditation.
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