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very simple… I just opened a gallery there with a text, photographs and videos, and it took me less than 7 mins to do it all. Then I moved on for a coffee.


Since some time ago I have several people asking how or what I use to do my webpage – so here is the answer: the magic is on this fantastic work on back office!

For those like me who don’t understand a single line of code, it’s perfect. In fact it is even easier than using wordpress. You can have galleries, text pages, videos, blog posts, music, etc just with few clicks. Their collection of templates is great, minimalistic giving power to the images, music, video and texts, making everything easy and fast to navigate. The amount of ways you can play with making your page unique, or just the way you want.

You can check mine at, that I keep very simple. but then you can chose menus located wherever you want, your galleries horizontal or vertical or slideshow, with unique and multiple templates.

Other great thing is that you can connect it all or by pages/galleries to all your media: facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, soundcloud, vimeo, etc. and while uploading your data, you can chose both templates for topdesk/laptops and smartphones and tablets.
How you want your data and visual to be seen?


and if you have doubts while working on it, don’t call me!… just click bellow on the HELP and someone from their help service will pop up there to chat with you.

So now you know, I am no expert on code and webpages, so this is the very best I can get!

Go visit, click on like, click on the media, follow me… click on the galleries, click on each photo, share the pages to your own social media… and you will see how well and easy all works there!

And when you have yours done at, come back here and share your link with us so we all can see what you’ve done!

BTW, very soon I’ll make a post here about my new artworks and exhibitions… after this one in Lisbon/Portugal at Portugal Telecom Foundation, the next one will be in Toronto/Canada, then Amsterdam/The Netherlands and finally London/UK… subscribe my news page at and get it all!


“Materialist science, the new religion of the modern age, claims that an alive and conscious human is as cosmically significant as a takeaway coffee cup. So we can do what we want with ourselves and each other, within reason.
Gonzalo Bénard’s teachings are an antidote to the consumerism that the Western World offers. And that his knowledge on consciousness derives from direct, sensory experience is something that mainstream science cannot comprehend, nor compete with.”
Graham Hancock


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