Happiness as a Mind Concept

Happiness is/as a Mind Concept

The Sacred Book of G

What is Happiness?

The Perks of Being Autistic.

This is a Bird, by ©GBénard This is a Bird, by ©GBénard

Few days ago I was asked to remember a deep happy moment in my life. I then searched for all the files in my conscious memories – and not finding a logical moment of happiness I went deeper in the subconscious where the main archives are. As it was difficult to find, I questioned myself what happiness would be. I don’t understand most human feelings, so I checked the memories of animals to see if I could extract the feeling of happiness in them. No results. Or yes, maybe superficial moments of joy like the dog being whipped showing how much he likes it. Moments of joy are moments of happiness I thought.

But what is happiness? How is the feeling?

I did experiment some moments of joy, but these can be…

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