Art Photography Collection / Sacred Nudes

This October I’m purchasing art-photographs for an important private art collection in Europe.
They are now searching for male nudes representing:

Crucifixion / Resurrection / St. Sebastian

I’m searching amongst emergent/new art photographers here on tumblr since the collectors already have some great photographs under this theme by classic photographers like this one by George Platt Lynes:

by ©George Platt Lynes

by ©George Platt Lynes

I’m checking portfolios by Mikel MartonThobias Malmberg, Larry Schwarz, Fabio Macintyre, Brett Seiler, Michael Epps, Momcilo Popov, Eric Gyamfi, Tazzio Paris, Marwane Pallas, Walter Jenkel, Manuel Esthaem, Jacob Hyldgaard, Valentin PuyauSebastian T. Thorsted, Christopher de BethuneSergio Varanitsa, Erik Viklund, David Uzochukwu, Gerardo Vizmanos, Ben Zank, Thomas Petersen, Mat Mann, Igor Pjorrt and others that have been submitting their works to YCP or 2HeadS.

If you’re an art photographer with original work (no collages, etc) under this theme, whether they are visible or not on your portfolio, send me an email with the images (they will not be posted online) and the following info until Sunday, October 3rd:

– # available as limited edition / print and paper quality / dimension / technique / price / year, etc + email contact
(ex: #3/5, inkjet printed o/ Cotton Mate paper 300gr, 50cmx20cm, digital/film, 100 euros+shipment to Europe, 2014 – signed, dated and numbered on the back – your@email)

if you’re selected, you’ll be contacted in mid/end of October to go forward with the purchase.

Be creative and surprise me with your very best,

post by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS
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The Sacred Book of G” is a stream of consciousness, a thought provoking intimate journal written by Gonzalo Bénard. After 3 days of brain death he reborn with a deep loss of memory. He reborn without any sense of his past — of his own roots — of his own self. Before that he’d spent his time creating defences to disguise his autism. He had lost it too. New born G had no memory and no defences. (now as ebook)

I, Energy” is a book on Cosmic Consciousness, Quantum Physics and Old Shamanism written by Gonzalo Bénard who not only lived in Himalayas with shamans and in a Buddhist monastery but also in the Western Sahara with old shamans. A guide on healing and transcendental meditation and how you can master your own mind, leading yourself the collective consciousness. (now as ebook)

Gonzalo Bénard is a lecturer, author, tutor of autistic teenagers, and a visual artist. His photography has been part of the annual programs of several universities around the world, mainly about the series Oneness, Nudes and B Shot by a Stranger, and are in several private and public art collections such as Museum of Serralves, Cultural Centre of Cascais or Sir Elton John’s.
His photographs are also being used in Hollywood productions and TV series and you can see his work of photography at his webpage.

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