Breaking News! Win 2 Prizes!… (UpDated!)

UPDATE: the winner is from Belgium! And this is the photo he chose:

The Bird and the Wolf by Gonzalo Benard

The Bird and the Wolf by Gonzalo Benard

so let’s go again for August! Just follow the instructions:

I’m giving away one of these P/A during this month of July August!
(one of these original Proofs of Artist in the picture below)
In fact, there are 2 different prizes!!

july 2015 give away

For that, you only have to send me the proof of purchase of the book “I Energy” or “The Sacred Book of G” ordered directly from the publisher.

When you order the book, take a screen shot of the receipt/confirmation and send it by email
with the subject “August Book for Photography 2015“.

The book must be purchased during this month (August 2015), directly from the publisher.

On September the 1st, I will check all the orders (screen shots you sent) and will randomly chose the new owner of one of these original Proofs of Author.

GBenard Stoned Hand gbenard lblb 1ass

The original P/A will be sent signed and dated, with the reference P/A to your address.

A second winner, amongst the received screenshots/receipts of the book will win an hour of Skype talk with me, in which you can choose to have a Portfolio Review, Lecture on photography, Lecture on Healing, on Shamanism, A Story Telling or just talk about life.

One purchase, means one entry in this contest!
If you order 2 books “I Energy” and “The Sacred Book of G” you will have 2 chances to win one of these photographs
(or the Skype talk).

Go for it now: the sooner the better!

The Winners will be announced @GBenard on twitter, September1st!

Lecturing on Photography / Review your Portfolio, by Gonzalo Bénard

Autistic Solitude vs. Loneliness: B Shot by a Stranger.

July, 2015 – post by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS
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Preview and Purchase now:

cover The Sacred Book of Gss GBenard IEnergyss

The Sacred Book of G” is a stream of consciousness, a thought provoking intimate journal written by Gonzalo Bénard. After 3 days of brain death he reborn with a deep loss of memory. He reborn without any sense of his past — of his own roots — of his own self. Before that he’d spent his time creating defences to disguise his autism. He had lost it too. New born G had no memory and no defences.

I, Energy” is a book on Cosmic Consciousness, Quantum Physics and Old Shamanism written by Gonzalo Bénard who not only lived in Himalayas with shamans and in a Buddhist monastery but also in the Western Sahara with old shamans. A guide on healing and transcendental meditation and how you can master your own mind, leading yourself the collective consciousness.

Gonzalo Bénard is a lecturer, author, tutor of autistic teenagers, and a visual artist. His photography has been part of the annual programs of several universities around the world, mainly about the series Oneness, Nudes and B Shot by a Stranger, and are in several private and public art collections such as Museum of Serralves, Cultural Centre of Cascais or Sir Elton John’s.
His photographs are also being used in Hollywood productions and TV series and you can see his work of photography at his webpage.

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