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This book is fundamental! To all of us.”
“Because writing is this. Pollen being spread to different soils to grow under different suns”

The Sacred Book of G is a very unique and thought provoking journal into the labyrinthian mind of Autism. It challenges one to rethink possibilities, what is considered the norm and offers perplexing commentary of philosophic nature into our own self awareness causing one to question the idea of what is self? This work is an intimate journey that connects to the reader rather than leaving one as spectator. You’re traveling with the writer in his most sacred territories.”

“Wrote following the flowing of his thoughts, this fantastic journal through an autistic mind is a must read, a break to make us wonder, reflect and question our own selves.”

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“It’s such an interesting reading! These voices that were instructing the author are all a part of us, but they also take on an objective presence. The routine of observing our actions / behaviour from these ‘other’ selves may indeed assist with a non-attached ego.”

“I found perplexing how the author describes the struggle with reading emotions (gestures and behaviours) in others. He later describes this as ‘empathy’. Yet, as a healer, I believe empathy is central to the role. I would think this would manifest in the author as a feeling of alienation from others. Though, as he describes, I think this alienation is the equivalent to being ‘one’ with self. The space that should be comfortable to any of us. Interestingly, the described relationship with self and others puts the author on the outside. Perhaps, this is what lends itself to nomadic tendencies and ego’s detachment!”

“I deeply enjoyed reading The Sacred Book of G. I particularly enjoyed the prose he incorporated. I wanted to see those words with space between and around them. I’ve often felt that prose lends itself well to thinking / writing in a more stream of consciousness manner.”

“The author is obviously quite attuned to his inner space of being and easily disrupted when another enters it. Clearly, he had some life altering and profound experiences that have made this journey feel uniquely different and with a wonderful gift to impart to others.”

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I, Energy – on cosmic consciousness and old shamanism

I, Energy is a fantastic book explaining the idea of collective consciousness. It was easy to understand, it has a good flow and expressed a great degree of abstract thinking without making it confusing by trying to “sound smartish”. Which is good because it removed ego from the work and expressed the thought flows with a genuine unbiased nature. I felt very at peace while reading, it moved like a slow ripple after the stone is cast. The writing is gentle and rhythmic.”

This book is great in probing societies unawareness to the natural state of themselves and tendency to project.”

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The Sacred Book of G” is a stream of consciousness, a thought provoking intimate journal written by Gonzalo Bénard. After 3 days of brain death he reborn with a deep loss of memory. He reborn without any sense of his past — of his own roots — of his own self. Before that he’d spent his time creating defences to disguise his autism. He had lost it too. New born G had no memory and no defences.

I, Energy” is a book on Cosmic Consciousness, Quantum Physics and Old Shamanism written by Gonzalo Bénard who not only lived in Himalayas with shamans and in a Buddhist monastery but also in the Western Sahara with old shamans.

Gonzalo Bénard is the author of The Sacred Book of G and I, Energy that you can now purchase directly from the publisher with 20% discount.
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Gonzalo Bénard is a lecturer, a tutor of autistic teenagers, and a visual artist. His photography has been part of the annual programs of several universities around the world, and are in several private and public art collections such as Museum of Serralves or Sir Elton John’s. His works are in Hollywood productions and TV series.
You can see his work of photography at his webpage.

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