Win a signed Photograph by Gonzalo Bénard


Win an original photograph signed by Gonzalo Bénard!

Gonzalo Bénard will give you an original proof of artist for you to start a good year: increasing you art collection!

How to win?


– From the 14th to the 31st of December 2014, purchase “The Sacred Book of G” through the publisher’s website;

– Send an email to Gonzalo Bénard, with a print screen’s picture attached showing the purchase. Make sure you write on the email’s subject “The Sacred Book of G – Contest Dec 2014”.

During the first week of January the winner will be selected and we will contact you. The signed photograph will be sent to your address, no matter where you are in the world.

The Sacred Book of G” is a book of philosophy. A sacred book. A Journal of an inner journey of life. Written on different rhythms and times and locations. “The Sacred Book of G” was composed as if it was a music sheet for a strings’ quartet. It’s music. It’s life. It’s minded. About brains, and inner thoughts on society – which does not make much sense. It’s critical in its wonderings. Facing the world as it goes. It’s fire in its dynamic and water so you can dive in. It’s an inner brain coming out. A book of memoirs to remind yourself that life should be lived. A journal to remind yourself that life goes on and that we must learn how to embrace it. No matter how. It’s a book about life. A book defeating death. Written following the rhythm of the thoughts. Inner ones. Inner doubts. About life itself and how we manage it.

Good luck, and good reading!

TSBG from SB

Gonzalo Bénard is an art-photographer, curator and published writer, who have been producing a body of work about matters of life and death. About spirituality, sociology, anthropology, philosophy and psychology. About rituals and rites from the several cultures: old and new. Celebrations of life with matters of death. About the mind’s inner world(s).