2HeadS turns 2YearS!

Smoking Soul, by Gonzalo W. Bénard

Smoking Soul, by Gonzalo W. Bénard

and here we are to celebrate the 2nd birthday of 2HeadS, your favourite blog on photography. Shameless, naked and raw.

In these amazing 2 years many things happened here:

2HeadS joined tumblr YCP to create a contest;
photographers were interviewed by 2HeadS;
Gonzalo W. Bénard was interviewed by other blogs;
Other blogs wrote about 2HeadS and 2HeadS wrote about other blogs;
We gave lectures and masterclasses;
We wrote articles and covered art fairs;

We did exhibitions.

We also did lots of Portfolio Reviews through skype.

We have more than 350.000 followers!

We got days in which we had more than 4.000 views…

but above all, we had your amazing presence here.

No matter by your submissions, critiques, emails, comments, interviews or even lectures at your university.
2HeadS is happy to turn 2 years old by your side.

Thank you for being around!
Gonzalo W. Bénard

September, 2014 – by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS
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