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One of the perks of walking around in the city without glasses is the blurriness on other people’s face. If face is identity, I then walk amongst faceless souls. Every time a face comes up, a face that I know or similar to one I know, my brain registers the visual while other part of my brains come up with a file with their identity, including name, birth place and gender, and in other place in my brain another file pops up bringing the emotional memories I have of that person that I recognized by their face. My brain then brings the consciousness and full awareness of the being in front of me. It happens also when I hear someone’s voice that I recognise: a hand full of files will pop up inside my brains bringing to me the face, the identity, the memories of living moments with that person and other files in which I wrote down my emotional feelings towards that being. At the same time that this is happening, another files start opening: one telling me that is morning, so I should wish good morning to that person, and be nice if my memories of that person that I read in their files are good. Be nice can imply physical expressions, like smile, which means that I relax all my face muscles until the face shows you a smile. A more difficult task if my memories of that person makes me feel tense. Then your muscles will remain tense unless I pick up the other file with tips on how to be fake without being caught. The archives we have in our subconscious are endless and are usually well connected with our consciousness. If well worked out.
Walking around in the city without glasses makes me see people’s files in blank once there’s no link to the faces I am able to identify, so their faceless registers can only have white files so I can fill the way that pleases me. I can imagine or even visualize creating new beings, identities and even faces to those souls. Walking amongst faceless people allows me to relax once I don’t have to read all the files that are connected to faces, identities, social tips, emotions and feelings or even preconceived ideas on beauty. Those things in movement are not more than lost souls allowing us to get lost in our own thoughts. Free of identity.


Back Up, by Gonzalo Bénard 2014

Back Up, by Gonzalo Bénard 2014

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July, 2014 by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS
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