The Invisible Straw.

Self portrait as Marina A with the Invisible Straw.

Title for an Art Performance: “The Invisible Straw“.
Location: Louvre, next to Mona.
Guest: James F. (who happens to be passing by and we will be surprised to see each other).

The script that I will have in my thoughts and will tell the fans through telepathy:

“This is my face sucking through an Invisible Straw. It’s always my face. And the straw is always invisible. I use it to inspire gold leaves. Yesterday I inspired fake gold leaves through the Invisible Straw and it gave me gases. I thought: I’m farting fake gold leaves. Then I thought: I can do an art performance in which I have my Invisible Straw face but in fact I have the Invisible Straw in my ass hole through which I will fart fake gold leaves. The farts are invisible too, but will give me a straw fart face.”

Now, James F. passes by and we look very surprised to see each other with my own Invisible Straw face expression.

And I say: Hello James F., I’m farting fake gold leaves through an invisible straw in my ass hole, but I still have my invisible straw face like when I inspire through it. One day I inspired an invisible god and I became the Goddess of the Invisible Straw. Now I will have the Invisible Straw Face forever.

So I thought that I could also pee the fake gold leaves that levitated into my body. I will call it “The Invisible Straw and the Golden Rain”, and you will become famous because we’re doing it next to Mona Lisa. Mona has the face of “I have the whole invisible straw in my mouth and that’s why I can’t smile”, so it makes sense. Mona and I are the two goddesses of the Invisible Straw. Ffffffffffffff… You see? I’m farting now through the Invisible Straw. Isn’t it beautiful? This is Art, James. This is a beautiful Art Performance.


Self-Portrait as Marina A., by ©GBénard, April 2014

Self-Portrait as Marina A., by ©GBénard, April 2014

Disclaimer – The events depicted in this fictitious story are also fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

Photograph, fictitious story and real post by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS
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