a Not To Do list!

a Not To Do list!


I’ve been doing some Portfolio Reviews, and being jury on some contests. Here is a Not to Do list, specially for young photographers and amateurs. And some professional photographers as well. This is a list of the worst and most awful things you can do. It’s not professional to do this. And it sucks:


– Do Not Cut Out /Colours! It’s so out dated and it’s something you do when you’re a beginner giving the first steps on photoshop. You can do it, just don’t show to anyone. Those black and white portraits with the lips and nails in red or eyes in green are completely tasteless! Do Not do it. Ever!


– Extreme HDR for everything. A slight HDR for certain landscapes, car advertisement, etc can be acceptable. But some people overdose their photos with HDR no matter what. A chocolate cake is no longer desirable when you make it extreme HDR. HDR is out dated and it can be VERY kitsch!


– White burned spots usually shows that you have no control of the light and exposure. It’s not interesting and it’s not aesthetic. Control your light or learn how to take proper photographs.


– Last minute conceptual nudes… because you’re drooling and want to see that model wet and chained. Forget it. It’s very obvious when you do that and you didn’t prepare the shooting or even yourself. Make your mind to not be drooling when you see a nude: it can damage your camera.


– Do Not Let the models by themselves. A photographer is also a director and you’re the only one who can guide the model. No matter how good is the model, he expects your guidance because you’re the only one who knows what’s in your mind. The model should trust you, if they don’t, forget it. Maybe it’s time for you to change your attitude.


– Do Not use the basic art filters of photoshop to make it like drawing or painting. I’m vomiting now just thinking on that.


– Glamour Bright Auras from the most basic photoshop. It’s tasteless, touching the gross! This glamour auras are so kitsch, even worse if it’s for wedding photos. Do not do it for anything. And I mean Anything!


– Bad Compositions are Bad Compositions no matter if you do analogue with expired films, b/w or with iPhone. Try to understand some basic rules on Composition. Check this and this.


– Extra Filters and TTV’s. If you think that the photo needs filters to make it more interesting, forget it. The filters were interesting a decade ago, and if the photo is not interesting, it will remain as so. Do not cheat yourself.


– Do not get inspiration in other photos or photographers: get inspiration in your own life, in literature, in what you see daily, be more observer, check details, look around and see how light works on things and how can it change the mood of someone’s expression.


– Do Not Be obvious.


– Do Not Extra Sharpen the colours: if you have colour blind viewers, they will not see no matter how much you sharpen your photos.


Free tips because I’m a nice guy:


Do everything to make the photograph good when it was taken. If it’s not well taken from the source, don’t add special lights or dark vignettes. It’s obvious that you’re just trying to attempt something and you’re frustrated with it.


And do never forget that just because your grandmother or lover told you that your photos are nice, they are the worst judges of them because they only want to make you happy. If you can’t take a professional critic so you can learn and grow up, forget it. You’re just not being intelligent.

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April, 2014 – post by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS
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