On art-photography, gear is secondary

On art-photography, gear is secondary. Like brushes and paints for a painter, cameras, lenses and flashes are just instruments. The most important gear is your mind. It’s important to have some concepts on image, and that we can learn from old masters of paintings, literature, or even music. It’s a matter of senses: of having them educated. When we know the main rules: we’re ready to break them all.
I’m writing here on 2Heads some articles to help students from the universities in which my work have been lectured, and for amateurs or emerging photographers who use to contact me as well.

Hope they can be helpful to you, and that’s the aim: share and learn, so feel free to add your knowledge on this.

What Makes a Good Photograph? (part I) and What Makes a Good Photograph? (part II) is about interestingness. About composition, two other articles: The Conspiracy of the Brain;
The Conspiracy of the Triangle (NSFW)

When we work with people, it’s important to know how to direct them, no matter if they are professional models or people passing by. “Directing Photography” is a collection of 4 notes: Directing a Portrait; Directing People/Conceptual; Directing Fashion and Directing Street Photography.

There are also some tips on shooting nudes: The Nude: Why? (NSFW) and The Nude: How? (NSFW)

On portraits: The Portrait I. a brief history of. and The Portrait II: or how to face it.

And on Creativity. The Immediate Long Term.

As I said, these are just basic tips that can be helpful. If you want to add anything that you might find important, please do: your own tips and comments will always be helpful. Each one has each own way to work, and here we are to share, learn and help each other. It’s always great to hear other ways, thoughts or opinions. 2Heads is about people. In front and behind the camera.

meanwhile, have an excelent new year!

some exhibitions by Gonzalo Bénard

some exhibitions by Gonzalo Bénard

December, 2013 by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS
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