Season Greetings!

The first fully year of 2HeadS is about to end.
It has been great and warming to have you all here along this time. Your private feedback, the university lectures and the approach by the students, amateurs, friends, and curious on photography has being great. Also the art collectors and art galleries who are following.
In 2014 we will be here again, 2HeadS! to think better. To feel more. To be wiser.

The Bird and the Wolf, self-portrait by ©Gonzalo Bénard

The Bird and the Wolf, self-portrait by ©Gonzalo Bénard

In 2013 we reached 401 hourly views and the best ever number of views in one day was 4,456! Thank you!

Gonzalo Bénard and 2HeadS Wish you the Warmest Greetings and the best for the New Year!

Gonzalo Bénard, self-portrait 2013

Gonzalo Bénard, self-portrait 2013

Some essays that made 2013 in 2HeadS even better:

Un Soir Place de la Bastille;
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The Hard Softness (NSFW);
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An Interview With The Incredible Photographer Gonzalo Benard for MutantSpace;
Pain should never be an excuse, but a tool for you to create with;
B Shot by a Stranger: Beyond Loneliness

The Underground New York Public Library;
Jorge Molder: The King, The Captain, The Soldier and the Thief;
Genesis, by Sebastiao Salgado;
The Neighbours of Blazej Marczak;
Alchemy, by Sarah Moon;
Katharine Cooper’s White Africans;
Martin, his sister and her camera;
The Roma Project, by Kieran Kesner.

and the most read of all:

NUDE (nsfw);

The Nude: Why? (NSFW)
Straight Thoughts on Nudes and Ostriches (NSFW)
A Sacred Erotica (NSFW)

December, 2013 by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS
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