Unicorn, is a text written by Gonzalo W. Bénard, from The Sacred Book of G.

(Here is the video of Unicorn,
read by actor Craig Hamilton with a piano piece specially composed by Ben Fehr and danced by Sven Hedenskog)


So cold outside and so warm in bed now I can only feel my whole skin and shapes turning around taking the sheets with me and around once more feeling how good it is to stretch the legs and stretch the whole body feeling the whole torso with our naked hands and once more turning around feeling the skin feeling the sheets I remember the heating sun at the sea with the small waves refreshing myself taking off the sand that still exists from nothing revolving me around and around in the smooth heated waters stretching legs and stretching body once more spreading legs feeling them outside the bed with bending knees riding a naked unicorn naked me in a slow rhythm feeling my knees pressing it’s body with my torso lying down on my back and my head following the curve with my left hand touching my balls stretching them leaving them free and feeling them hitting and jumping between my spread legs with the bended pressed knees and my hands playing hot with the flesh going back and forward with the skin hitting the pubic the chakras and the spot called G back and forward to the top hiding it with the same skin while the unicorn is going faster in its walking and the balls jump a bit more and my whole torso gets tense from the neck from the navel from the feet pressing feet now pressing knees tensed butt and my hands my hands unstoppable carefully and tender and warm back and forward leave it and go feeling my tension up there and my neck my spread legs riding the unicorn in a bit more fast rhythm

(I remember now my first time naked in a naked unicorn in those open wild fields in the island with the priest’s nephew and we ride the unicorns feeling the bodies naked in separate ways in different unicorns at the same time and I never saw him again maybe he still rides naked unicorns naked him in wild fields)

I stopped but my mind didn’t and I turned and turned once again and everything is still there and my legs stretched with all my body stretching and spreading and riding again feeling my balls heavy hitting against the body and all my flesh begging and yelling for more for my hands coming back and forward and back and forward with my unstoppable mind thinking and feeling in different minds back and forward like following the rhythm of the unicorn walking faster jumping after jumping heart beating both at once and faster it became and faster I went and feeling the whole feeling my hands and my spread legs pressing knees my neck tensed my head back I remember the plans I have to put on paper and my hands screaming for pencils and charcoals and papers to create to draw not leaving not stopping not even for a while when my mind doesn’t stop and my body goes on my hands creating the unicorn running cutting the warm winds at the wild fields and jump and jump again no stopping running in a rhythm of my own till he jumped and stopped in the air and my hands my hands my balls exploding with all my flesh and muscles and my torso tensed neck warm and frozen in the air with the unicorn jump my head back on the same curve and exploding exploding feeling now the moon reflecting over the warm rivers running over my chest my neck and the unicorn goes and flies and the moon creating lights over me and my hands drawing them as branches as rivers through the shoulders and now relaxed neck and chest and the unicorn stopped smiling and my hands drawing and my mind following the now cold rivers of semen in a complexity of branches all over my chest and shoulders and neck my legs relaxed my knees not pressing the unicorn silent waits and feels and stop and smiles.

I came back then to the living to the fire place and my stomach now relaxed asking for that still exists dark wet chocolate cake as I love the way it goes down through my throat like cold thick dark mousse still feeling now my whole body relaxed but my mind still in need of paper of creating of sketching of writing I seat down and start giving it that pleasure waiting for it to get tired but it doesn’t get tired never and never allows me to sleep and rest and stop creating things and sketches of things and lands and fields with unicorns and other naked creatures and future to come new mythologies and tales like when back to my 13 I couldn’t stop and couldn’t sleep till I finish the whole boxes of colour crayons and pastels and charcoals over my whole body and write silly poems about people who never existed on earth lying down on my room apart from the world and smiling to myself.

Unicorn screen shot

(Click on the screen shot above to watch and listen to the video: “Unicorn” is about the lusty urge and fleshy pleasure of creating… that feeling that should never be caged.
Written in“The Sacred Book of G” by Gonzalo W. Bénard. Here read by actor Craig Hamilton, with a piano piece especially composed by Ben Fehr for this reading video. Dance and choreography by ballet dancer Sven Hedenskog
Video by: Gonzalo W. Bénard

Poem and photograph by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS
(Here is the video of Unicornread by actor Craig Hamilton with a piano piece specially composed by Ben Fehr and danced by Sven Hedenskog)
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