SB2 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard

Nude – a Body of Dance (NSFW)

Or the Dynamic of Temporality.

This moment, our own moment, is probably the one that gets closer to the eternity. Not a moment ago, nor a moment later, but this right moment that you’re reading this. This precise moment of your life is the one that gets closest to the eternity. Your own eternity. Our own moment. The moment I’m writing this is my own now, the moment you read this is yours now. However, you’re reading this moment of mine that was past, making it your now moment. If you think of it later, you will have another moment of now based on a borrowed moment of your past. And of mine. However, each one of these moments we have is the closest we get to eternity. The now moment.
There is no temporality in eternity as there is in a moment that we live. There are dynamic in both though. The dynamic of temporality. Of the present moment which is made of borrowed moments of the past used to be more aware of the now. So we live it wiser in its own dynamic. Or we should do.

Dancers are an example of this dynamic temporality. They dance the now moment, based on the borrowed moments of their past. I shoot them in their dynamic of temporary naked bodies. Moments of immediate past as they dance and express. The photographs, stills of their moments prevails as witnesses. Records of a past dynamic that was once the most close they had to eternity. Dancing as gods to please Nietzsche, creating shades to please Plato, leaving their consciousness to please Jung and defying the gravity to please Newton. And maybe I write to please Einstein, but I’m not sure about the relativity of the temporality or even the relativity of the eternity.

I shot dancers expressing their own souls using their own bodies. I shot dancers expressing my own soul at that precise moment, as there’s a collective soul expressing itself aware of the temporality of the now. I project myself shooting them dancing, dancing within the dancer, giving them balance for eternity, to our own eternity moment.

We dance.
I follow and I let the energy flow on them, not capturing but being part of the rapture of a temporary body reaching eternity. Which is not infinity. Just a temporary moment of dynamic as our bodies are.
Sartre wrote: “The past is no longer, the future is not yet, as for the instantaneous present, everyone knows that this doesn’t exist at all but is the limit of an infinite division, like a point without dimension.”

Past became memories in a moment. The moment you’re no longer reading the last sentence, transporting yourself to this one. It’s almost an intimate eternity that can be taken as a lascivious moment of the soul. A jump in dance is not just a jump; it’s the anti-gravity manifesto of euphoria trying to reach the eternal dynamic for the one soul’s pleasure. Past was there in the moments I shot the dancers having their own now moment. Present is in the photographs as memories that remain from the past. Being past a not being; being present being, future is a yet not being that will be being to be not being again. The three keys – or elements – of temporality in its dynamic, in its own dance, in its own music to which we all dance.

If I’m no longer a student, I still am, as the past is part of my being present, and will always be as they will be both part of my future moments. Future is probably the most complete moment, but it doesn’t exist yet, so it is the now moment that we must base and build as our own most eternal moment of life. It is probably the only safe moment we have. It is our own now, even if we lost our own memory of our past. And past is not being. It was a dance once. But for that, I let the butterflies being fed by my own tears. I have no more so I can enjoy them now dancing their-our own moment in a continuous eternal pas-de-deux.

I don’t know if the observed is part of the observer while being observed, but our mind is not within our physical body, and yet, we can be observers of it as it can be an energetic satellite made of vibrations. Like the dancers are, while I’m there. They are my temporary satellites of energy playing around to be part of my own eternity of the now mind of mine. And of theirs.

In a dance of dynamic temporality to the eternity.

The crux of the dance lies now on becoming one. As in oneness between the dancer and the eternity, between the observer and the mind. Between the waves of the now. I too am the past without being it. Dancing with it now as being, in the eternal dance of temporary borrowed time dynamic. In the waves of the now, reaching the eternity moment of one.

In the nude.
we live as we dance,
even if there’s no temporality in one’s consciousness:  only dynamic eternity.

As we dance.
I say.

JT2 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
JT2 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
AZ5 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
AZ5 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
KD1 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
KD1 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
QB14 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
QB14 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
RI5 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
RI5 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
SB1 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
SB1 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
SB2 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
SB2 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
QB4 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
QB4 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
QB2 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard
QB2 for A Body of Dance, by ©GonzaloBénard

printed photos available:  80cmx53cm (31.5″x20.9″) each – numbered 5/5 – signed –  Baryta Harman/Hahnemühle paper

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text and photographs by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS
September, 2013
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