Self Portrait contest – The Winners!

Focusing on interestingness, creativity, technique, breaking technique, strength, and honesty, editing skills, right crop, and balance and above all feeling the mood & power within the theme, we’ve made a previous selection of finalists that you can see at Self Portrait Contest – The Finalists, among the hundreds of submitted photographs.

Now it’s time for the final winners!

After the Public Winner announcement: Nini Baseema, it’s time for the 2HeadS‘ choice!

by Nini Baseema

by Nini Baseema

The 2HeadS Contest: Self-Portrait  awards are:
– 1 small size Artist’s Proof, signed, by G.Bénard (see: Public Winner/Nini Baseema)

– 1 portfolio review by G.Bénard
– 1 featured article on 2HeadS with a selection of the winner’s work.

You can also see and follow the finalists at the 2HeadS on FB.

The award portfolio review, goes to… Jacob Hyldgaard Jensen!

by Jacob Hyldgaard Jensen

by Jacob Hyldgaard Jensen

and the featured article award on 2HeadS goes to… Vera Saltzman!

by Vera Saltzman

by Vera Saltzman

Congratulations to the 3 winners Nini Baseema, Jacob Hyldgaard Jensen and Vera Saltzman on the first 2HeadS’ contest!

Fell free to leave here your thoughts and congrats to the winners!

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May, 2013
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