from Sahara III

hey guys,

everything is great here in this magic place on earth. Staying on the top of an old tower next to the ocean and having the Sahara on the back, with this wonderful people and culture, the fantastic food, weather, etc makes me not very much keen to go back Paris in a week. except for the internet that sucks a bit, everything seems perfect: time to do everything from work to rest.

This is a quick note just to remind you to vote on the Self-Portrait Contest: The Finalists! if you didn’t do so yet.

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self-portrait with turban, Sahara 2013, by ©Gonzalo Benard

self-portrait with turban, Sahara 2013, by ©Gonzalo Benard

and because living is a matter of listening, and listening is learning, here’s a small story from yesterday:

Why are people here all day talking and walking from one place to another? – I asked.

“Here we have time. If you want to go to the next door on the right, you turn on the left instead, you walk till the end of the village, you meet friends, family, people, then you go around to the opposite side, walking and talking and meeting and finally you find the next door on your right, but meanwhile you met friends with whom you talked with.
Arab culture is not to be transmitted by written words, but by oral words, words in movement that are to be taught by one to another. And here you missed the most important: when you see people talking, there’s always someone else listening and learning. About values, religion, tradition, family, and friendship: our culture. We can be a talking people, but we are better listeners. We believe that everyone can teach us something new and important. So we listen.”


text and photographs by ©Gonzalo Bénard for 2HeadS
May, 2013
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